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Threeness in Oneness by Richard A Nelson

The Superiority of Life

Death seems to interrupt all things hopeful
yet after it has done its best to destroy
it is much less profound than life
for life will continue after it
Death is the last enemy on this life's frontier
but for the believer his personal deposit of
resurrection life passes through it
purified, focused, untainted, even rewarded
and prepared for an eternal advance
with and into its Creative source
not in loneliness but in a fellowship
of glory with others of the Divine offspring
Only the unbeliever, no matter how good he is, need fear
for by default he has in this life missed the mark
missed the provision, missed the transition
and promise of the Life that is really Life
the Divine Life that will swell and blossom
throughout eternity as it expands its enjoyment
in a humanity that has received and reveled in it
It is utmost wisdom, then, to put away inferior things
and to diminish trust in materials, philosophy
and even religion
in order to cry out to the living, redeeming Christ
to the nourishing Spirit
and the the eternal Father
for as part of mankind we are in His heart
not only in this age, but in that which is to come
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