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Portraits of Love by Richard A Nelson


Can It Get Better

Our eyes sparkled as mirrors one to another
She smiled a smile that fit my own, and
Our steps quickened to greet those of the other
Reaching out, pausing, a tender hand gloved in mine

Continuing together, Mr. Gatti's Pizza lay before us
I turned to her again and gazed
at the lady of my long desire
As our hearts raced in celebration
of our reunion at day's end
I stroked her hand with those grateful fingers
And those manicured nails dressed thus just for me

At the door we touched eyes,
smiled calmly, and lingered
Our teenagers beside us,
we exulted in our delightful company...
It was the start of just another lovely evening
With my love of twenty-two years...

Soft Cover Booklet, 51 Pages, $6.00