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Raising Children, Parents / Christian Parenting
Letting Go, Cord Cutting Principles For A Lifetime Of Parenting
by Richard A. Nelson

Just as a baby is separated from its mother's womb so it may enter into another life, so do parents need to learn how to properly deal with their attachments to their little one as he or she grows. This testimonial about letting go is by parents Richard and Christine Nelson who deeply value biblical truths and have found God faithful at home. The "Cord" referred to is a symbol for this process of biblical and healthy parenting. Properly done, the child and the entire family can enter into a mature and fulfilling life of relationships together forever. In parenting, the life-long umbilical cord-cutting exercise is important, necessary, and positive. The cord will be cut, it is only a matter of how. It will be cut; it is only a matter of when and by whom. It should be cut gradually for at least twenty years. If parents learn to parent well, they initiate the gradual separation of parents from child in a healthy and positive way. This separation may be painful sometimes, but it is absolutely a positive thing, if done well. It is not a loss; it is a doubling of the love in your heart. It is not a subtraction; it is an additional blessing for today and a multiplication for tomorrow.

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