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Oregon Coast

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As a resident of western Washington,

I love the Winter. Though the Winter of 2008 - 2009 was the longest one I remember ever having had here. It seemed as though the snow, freezing ice and rain would never end. Late in the Spring (that never seemed to be springing) I couldn't take the Winter any longer. I got in my car and determined to drive South until I no longer needed my windshield wipers. At 2am , I was able to turn them off and found myself in Salem, Oregon.

This was the beginning of a wonderful discovery for me of the rich state of Oregon! It has awe inspiring coastline, breathtaking South Cascade conifer forests, raging waterfalls and rivers as well as the largest Iris Garden in the country!

Throughout the Summer I plan to post pictures from our adventures.

Slideshow Pictures include: My mom and I at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon's Southern Cascade Mountains, Oregon's central coast beaches and a trip to southern Indiana with my mom (Betty) where we visited some relatives. Also included: Shanti on a rock climb and Shane being Spiderman