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God, Study 1 & The Design of Man, by Richard A. Nelson

A Lifestyle Discipleship Series
God, Study One

  We do not begin this study wondering if there is a God. We begin with the assurance that the God of the Bible exists today. From the first page of the Bible, we read not only of His existence, but of everything in the physical world and in the invisible world which He created. Furthermore, we have the full assurance from the Bible, from history and from our own experience that it is normal for a person to have a relationship with God. The ancient God of the Bible is the same God we know today.

       Whether you have been a believer for a long time or you have just believed in Christ recently, this study should be inspiring and helpful. The goal is not merely to learn something. The goal is that we might gain a view of God and find a personal relationship with God that originates in the Bible. It is that our hearts may be stirred with desire to know Him and to be known of Him. If we are blessed to be seekers of God, may our seeking lead us into a wonderful relationship with Him.

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